= direct linking = bandwidth stealing = traffic theft = illegal = I have to pay for = I don't want!

So that's why it is disabled for the contents of my site.

It is allowed to use my images for any non-commercial purpose! But: Anyone who tries to display one of my images on his website by just adding the link to its original URL (my webspace) will get this instead:

Still don't know what it's all about? Visit !

Hilfe für deutsche Webmaster gibt es hier:

Or read this email conversation I once had!
Please read it before flaming and complaining!

(subject: hotlinking message)

you're a pretentious prick.

Do you know what you are talking about?

You try to steal from me. I prevent that. And you have the impertinence to call me names for that?
So what do you suppose how I should call you??

Think twice!!
I was exposing your work not "stealing" you ass hat.
Expose my work! Nothing against it.
Download my images, load it to your own webspace, give me credit. That's all.

Did you read the link I gave you? Or didn' you understand it?
I don't pay for your traffic!!
Why should I? Just because you call me an ass hat??
I'm not insane!
I read and understand it. What I don't understand is why this bandwith "cost" outweighs exposure. I wasn't claiming the image as my own. Anyone that liked it enough to want to know where it came from, could've easily found out.
OK, one image doesn't cost me much. But if several private galleries, forums, myspace profiles etc. practice direct linking - then it's too much!
E.g. I pay 10$ for my webspace, 20 GB monthly traffic (file transfer) included. My visitors only use 10 or 15 GB each month, but hotlinkers use another 60 GB!!! Then I have to pay for it, let's say 1 $ per GB. Or I have to buy more webspace. This is just an example but it is close to my own experience. (Chinese forums are the worst btw, there are quite a lot of people over there...)
I don't want to pay for that cause I don't earn anything from my website.
Fair enough. I have a better understanding of your side now.

He's a good guy, isn't he! ;-)